Turnaround and finance is an option where your business is viable, but a shortage of cash is causing you problems.


In many cases when the business is struggling with cash flow, the Directors fail to identify the root causes of these blockages.

Your existing professional advisors are unlikely to have the experience or expertise to help you with cash flow issues and although they may be good with numbers and projections, they lack the practical experience we can offer.

HJS Recovery can help with a detailed assessment and provide a strategic overview of your business. We don’t have a close relationship with you or your suppliers. We have found this enables us to have crucial conversations with you about your business. Being completely impartial and independent, we can provide a fresh outlook for your business and tell you honestly what we believe is wrong. We will then work with you to implement a restructure of your business.

Strategic Planning

With our strategic planning, HJS Recovery will help identify a road map for your business. We will help you to consider:

  • Key business objectives
  • Stakeholder objectives
  • Marketing objectives
  • Future plans

Often one Director’s objectives can be fundamentally different to another – the strategic planning will help identify and address these differences.

We will then create a business action plan with you, giving you specific measurable goals.


We have a team of in-house finance experts that can help with:

  • Arranging finance
  • Re-negotiating existing finance terms
  • Preparing cash flow and budget forecasts
  • Negotiating leases
  • Lease financing
  • Debtor collection services

Finance is usually a part of the turnaround and restructuring services, where we will go through the entire business with you. We can call on our experts at an early stage in this process to advise on the options available to you.

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