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Jan 11 2019 | Anne Edwards

Control and secure your documents with Kyocera MyQ

The term “paperless office” has existed in the business world for a number of years now. It’s a great aspiration, and many organisations have made big strides in cutting the volume of printed documents that they create – saving cost, reducing their carbon footprint, and improving communications by using electronic alternatives.  

However, very few businesses have actually stopped relying on paper completely and both printed and electronic documents have an important place in the modern workplace.

Security of documents (printed copies, scanned copies or electronically filed copies) is of increasing concern to business owners, especially since the GDPR legislation was introduced last year.

Alongside security concerns is the question of cost. It is estimated that over half of documents printed in the workplace, end up being discarded. That’s a lot of unnecessary waste of paper and of toner! Many of those wasted documents are either sent to the wrong printer (and therefore printed again on another machine) or are picked up by the wrong person (and therefore get printed again by the right person). Sometimes it turns out that the recipient just didn’t need the document after all – but has already pressed “print”.

MyQ can help!

With Kyocera’s MyQ service, when you print, the job goes to a centralised server and stays there until you securely authenticate yourself and release it. You can do this at your chosen device within your network, via an ID card, a PIN, or a mobile device.  The benefits are:

  • You can eliminate jobs which have been accidentally sent to the wrong device or abandoned in the print tray.
  • It features a fast one-click operation that is easy to use and save – no need to select settings each time.
  • Paper and toner consumption can be reduced by 50%.
  • You can set quotas and rules for your organisation – for example only certain people being able to print in colour, or all print jobs to be double-sided.
  • Data is encrypted for enhanced security.
  • Integration with advanced scan-to-email, network folders, and cloud storage platforms.
  • Detailed statistics across your print network around print volumes and costs – identified by individual, department, or project.

Talk to us to find out how MyQ can help your business.