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Nov 11 2018 | Anne Edwards

Kaizala – Office 365’s mobile app for work management

Microsoft Kaizala is a mobile application designed to make your life easier when it comes to group communications and work management.

Operating through a secure but simple-to-use chat interface, Kaizala makes it easy to communicate and co-ordinate work with your employees, suppliers and customers – wherever they are.

Tasks can be managed, information shared, and timesheets monitored, all in real time.

The “look and feel” of Kaizala has been likened to WhatsApp and its features include:

• The ability to collect and share data easily and instantly across your nominated group. That data can include documents, pictures, videos and audios.
• Getting instant feedback from your users through polls and surveys, which are then aggregated and presented in an easy-to-view report, to aid decision-making.
• Workflows that can integrate with business applications such as your CRM.
• Security – including data leak protection using chat policies & control.
• A range of Kaizala “Actions” which include:

Checklist – to share a list of tasks with a group and have them individually complete each task.
Job – to assign tasks to specific people and track their completion status.
Request Location and Share Location – for attendance tracking and to help co-ordinate teams.
Let’s Meet – for sending quick meeting invitations. The invitee can respond to the invite within the chat and confirm whether they are available to meet.

Kaizala is especially useful for businesses that have employees who don’t work at a desk – including a mobile workforce such as field engineers or sales staff.

It comes as part of the Office 365 “family” but doesn’t rely on high speed Broadband, and it is available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

If you would like to know more about Microsoft’s Office 365 and the functionality it can provide to your business, please give us a call.