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Dec 17 2018 | Anne Edwards

Microsoft Whiteboard – a shared digital canvas for virtual meetings

With so many business “meetings” now being held electronically rather than in person, new applications are being released all the time, to help virtual meetings be as productive as possible.

Microsoft’s “Whiteboard” allows teams of people to collaborate in real-time in a visual way, whether they are working together in person, or working together in different parts of the world.

Whether you’re managing a project, sharing business ideas or planning for the year ahead, Whiteboard helps your team to brainstorm ideas, and tackle the work together.

It is a freeform digital canvas which can be used across multiple devices – using pen, touch, or keyboard – and it’s available for Windows 10, and for iOS devices.

In terms of its functionality, features include:

  • The ability to jot down notes, create tables, shapes and freeform drawings.
  • A standard set of ink colours.
  • A highlighter and a virtual ruler.
  • A built-in link to Bing search, enabling you to perform image searches directly from within the app – no physical keyboard or separate web browser is required.
  • Search results will provide images licensed with Creative Commons first, so you can share your work without having to worry about copyright issues.
  • The ability to annotate on top of images.
  • “Ink to Shape” and “Ink to Table” which can turn your drawings into standard shapes – making your diagrams, flowcharts, and lists cleaner and easier for everyone to understand.
  • Ease of sharing – simply send a copy of your whiteboard via email or save it directly to your OneDrive account.

Please contact us to find out more about Whiteboard or any other Microsoft application for your business.