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Jan 18 2019 | Anne Edwards

More ways to get help…

For those readers who use the HJS Technology Helpdesk for technical support, there is now an additional way to log a ticket with our engineers.

You are probably already aware that you can e-mail us on helpdesk@hjssolutions.co.uk to create a support ticket.

A recent software upgrade means that you can now also use a screenflow on your PC or laptop to log a ticket directly, and this method will immediately provide our engineers with information about the computer itself. To do this, please follow these steps:

1. Go to the right hand side of the task bar at the bottom of your screen and click on the “show hidden icons” symbol.



2. From the pop-up box, use the right mouse button on the HJS logo.







3. You can then either use the “request support” option, or, if you have an error message that you would like to share, select “take screenshot and request support.”






4. In the box which then appears, add your details and a short explanation about the issue, then select “submit.” You will then receive an automated acknowledgement to say that your support request has been received.

Obviously, if the technical problem prevents you from using your computer to log the ticket, there is still the telephone option – just call us on 023 8038 6586.