Dec 10 2018 | Anne Edwards

ISDN is coming to the end of the line….

You may already be aware that BT plans to withdraw ISDN and PSTN telephone lines […]
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Dec 6 2018 | Anne Edwards

Microsoft Teams, now available free!

Last year, Microsoft launched “Teams”, a hub which brings together files, chat, meetings and applications […]
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Nov 16 2018 | Anne Edwards

Don’t forget the importance of multi-factor authentication for your e-mail accounts

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a set-up where you need more than one credential to enable […]
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Nov 11 2018 | Anne Edwards

Kaizala – Office 365’s mobile app for work management

Microsoft Kaizala is a mobile application designed to make your life easier when it comes […]
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Nov 1 2018 | Anne Edwards

When did you last speak with your team about IT security?

We have published articles before about the “human aspect” when it comes to vulnerabilities in […]
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