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Jul 9 2019 | Dan Jenkins

Top tips to minimise the risk of legal action being taken against your business

Our most recent free-to-attend HR seminar “Employing People: Your Essential Guide to Getting it Right” offered updates on employment law changes and insight to employment tribunals. We shared the latest statistics on claim types and the key elements of unfair dismissal.

The topic of unfair dismissals created some great discussion. It prompted a number of questions, so we felt it was appropriate to provide an additional free seminar just on this topic. We are holding two free seminars on ‘Unfair Dismissals’ in July:

  • Salisbury – Cross Keys House, Queens Street – 4 July
  • Basingstoke – Crown Plaza Hotel – 23 July

Places are free but must be booked in advance – visit our website for full details and to book

In the meantime, here’s our top tips on how you can minimise the risk of legal action being taken against your business:

Know the law

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to keep up to date with the law. New pieces of legislation are passed on a regular basis, so it’s vital that you stay on the ball. Existing policies and procedures could quickly fall outside of the law if you aren’t aware of new developments coming into force.

Consistently implement people policies

People policies outline acceptable standards of behaviour, make your expectations clear, and map out what will happen if a problem occurs. If you decide though that they should only be applied to some staff, some of the time, then you could be accused of discrimination. Your whole workforce should be held to the same standards – use them properly and consistently!

Always keep records

If any problems arise, having a comprehensive paper trail can be extremely useful. Your documentation should clearly outline the details of each stage of everyday employment situations, such as absences, performance discussions, grievances, and so on. Digital solutions, such as breatheHR, allow all this information to be stored securely and easily accessible, and potentially save you time. However you keep your records, make sure they are up to date, accurate, and confidential.

Give your line managers the capability they need

As your business grows, it’s unlikely that you’ll be personally handling all people management practices. By ensuring your line managers have the HR training that they need, you could avoid finding yourself in a situation whereby your operations aren’t compliant with the law. It’s down to you to make sure that your managers are consistently compliant.

If you feel there’s room for improvement with any of these areas we can have a confidential discussion with you about your options. We support our clients with ad hoc support through to comprehensive monthly retainers.

We also offer regular management training courses as well as our free HR seminars. All the latest course dates are on our website. Please call 0808 1644 222 or contact us here.