At HJS Outsource we understand that it isn’t always clear when outsourcing would add value to your business. Here’s just a few reasons why you might consider outsourcing.

1. Legislation is giving you a headache

If you employ people in your business you are responsible for their management and training. Legislation changes and making sure your business is compliant can be a constant worry for business owners. As soon as you think you have your head around it all, the law can change. Your staff may not remain up to date, and continue to process as they always have.

2. Your business is growing – or you want to grow

One of the biggest benefits from outsourcing is having the time and head space back to focus on the areas of your business that will drive growth forward. Sometimes business owners fail to recognise how many areas of their business they are actively involved with, which is required in the earlier stages of growth. But to grow further often needs you to step back from being heavily involved with the daily admin, instead protecting your valuable time to inject into strategy and planning for future growth.

3. Potential investors are looking at your business

You may be considering the benefits of external investment into your business. The way you present your finances can have a real impact on the impression you give to third parties. An outsource supplier can provide bespoke management reports to pull together and present the key information for your potential investors in the right professional format.

4. You want to avoid a cashflow crisis

As your business has grown you may have experienced a couple of tricky months in regard to having a less-than-positive cashflow – managing supplier demands whilst chasing late paying customers. Nothing too disastrous but equally not a position you want to find yourself in regularly!

Having a realistic cashflow forecast in place can help you to identify good and bad times ahead, and allow you to put processes in place to reduce the impact and manage relationships with your suppliers. A cashflow forecast should be referred to and updated on a regular basis to get the best insight on your business.

Having an external perspective on your finances can help to suggest areas for improvement and put your business in a more positive financial position.

5. It just doesn’t interest you!

It’s OK if some aspects of running a business excite you more than others. Why waste your valuable time on the areas of business you don’t enjoy? Don’t risk your disinterest potentially causing you problems in the future. Expert advisers will make sure all the finer details are covered and potentially spot opportunities for greater efficiency.

Outsourcing key business admin like bookkeeping, credit control and paying your employees won’t necessarily become an added cost to your business. Many of our clients actually make cost savings through more efficient processes and being able to put the time they save back into other business areas to drive future growth.


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