With Cloud solutions now having such a prominent place in today’s business IT environment, it is easy to assume that everyone should have all their technology hosted “in the Cloud.”

However, there can be some exceptions to this. When deciding whether a Cloud environment fits with your business, we need to consider factors such as

  • Which applications / software you use within your organisation. Some software vendors do not offer cloud versions of their products.Business meeting. Manager discussing work with his colleagues.
  • Broadband speed as this will determine how much data can be moved up from your network or back down into it, at any point in time. If you operate from premises with poor broadband speed, then it may not be appropriate to store all of your data in the Cloud.
  • File sizes. For example, if your business handles functions such as 3D imaging, video / animation, the file sizes may make Cloud storage of those files impractical as speed of access will be affected.
  • Requirements of external bodies. If your business is governed by any regulatory body, it may be necessary to check whether that organisation has approved the use of Cloud services for the functions which it governs.


“Cloud solutions” do not just relate to IT. Hosted telephony provides an extremely flexible solution for small & medium sized businesses.

There are also Cloud-based services relating to your Document Management – for example allowing you to scan & save documents onto your database from wherever you are working.

Our Cloud Suitability Review looks at the detail of what you do in your particular business, and reports on a variety of aspects to help you decide whether a cloud-based solution is appropriate.

If it is found that some of your business functions would benefit from being Cloud-based whilst others would be better held on premise, then a hybrid solution (ie a combination of both) can be implemented.

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