Streamline your processes with Dynamics 365

  • Are your business processes as efficient and automated as they can be?
  • Could your sales pipeline be managed better?
  • Would you like your after-sales service to be slicker / quicker and a better experience for customers?
  • Are your marketing campaigns handled effectively with relevant statistics available at a touch of a button?

What is Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 is a software solution available with Microsoft’s Office 365 which doubles as a CRM database and an end-to-end workflow management system that is configured for the specific operational needs of your business.

HJS Technology starts with a consultation meeting to gather as much information as possible about your sales process, your business operations (including communication and customer service) and your marketing engine.

We record the information in the form of a flowchart which maps out the processes that happen within your business – however manual those processes might be at the moment.

Dynamics 365 is then configured to create workflows to automate your processes and establish a joined-up flow of tasks, complete with prompts to trigger the next stage.

Often, businesses start by automating one of their functions and then adding to the system once it is up and running, but it is also possible to put the whole process within Dynamics 365 as one project.

Examples of how Dynamics 365 is used:

  • Holding your database of clients and prospects
  • Sending marketing campaigns and linking them to your social media sites
  • Creating and storing template documentation / precedents – letters, forms, spreadsheets and e-mail templates
  • Filing completed documents
  • Monitoring the results of marketing activity
  • Creating and tracking your sales funnel including leads and opportunities
  • Holding notes, Knowledge Base articles and any other reference documents
  • A costing and quoting tool
  • Order processing / taking bookings
  • Project management, planning and organising. Allocating resources, arranging surveys, scheduling tasks / activities
  • Generating “to-do’s”, prompts and reminders for your processes including manufacturing / production if relevant
  • After-sales activities including case management and logging support calls
  • Activity tracking and measuring productivity
  • Handling accounts and invoicing
  • Generating customised reports based on any of the data which is in the system. Reports can be in the form of an at-a-glance Dashboard, Gantt charts, lists etc.

Talk to us about how Dynamics 365 can improve your efficiencies by speeding up processes, maximising sales opportunities and reducing costs – call us on 0808 1644 222.